Layer palletisers

Mariani Layer palletiser

Mariani offers a range of palletisers varying from the traditional systems to customised solutions which can be adapted according to the space available and to the various format / product changes required and/or layout. Mariani offers its vast experience and knowledge in the palletising technology to examine your requirements and suggest the best end-of-line solution for your product. The company guarantees maximum flexibility and reliability of the entire palletising process for a wide range of products . Mariani palletisers can easily be integrated into existing packaging and logistic systems and are suitable for various uses.

Mariani Logo

Mariani is a leader in the design, development and construction of innovative solutions in the automation of secondary, end-of line packaging. Founded in 1960, Mariani today exports its solutions to more than 45 countries. The company has steadily grown from producing machines and packaging systems for the dairy industry to now supplying a multitude of other markets such as printing, food and beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors where packaging and palletising systems are increasingly required.