Endoline launches industry 4.0 compatible fully random case sealer


Endoline Machinery is the international market leader in end of line packaging machines and systems. Endoline is represented in Belgium by WRH Global Belgium.

Within food factories globally for amongst 30 years, the machine is testament to Endoline’s ability to build high quality, long lasting systems. Since its creation in the early 90’s, the 704 Fully Automated Random Case Sealer has become a flagship system amongst Endoline’s range of end-of line machines. However, following unprecedented demand for random case sealers to manage a greater variety of case materials and sizes, Endoline has re-engineered the 704 to meet exact specifications.

Through technical enhancements Endoline have expanded the cases size range by almost 60% at its greatest increase, without compromising on speed. The new infeed control also allows for greater speed control of the 704, which can now typically seal up to 14 random sized cases per minute. Moreover the 704 is built to a smaller footprint than previous models, maximizing factory floor space.

Endoline 704