Merlin® humidification systems for healthy businesses


The relative humidity in indoor areas such as offices, production halls, and storage rooms is a key success criterion for an economical healthy company. If the ambient air is too dry, this can lead to unwanted form and dimension changes in materials and products or to problems resulting from electrostatic charges. A “poor climate” not only slows down production, it also results in more material being consumed and lower employee productivity – and can even lead to longer absences due to sick leave.

merlin® humidification systems solve this problem with State-of-the-art technologies in many different designs for a guaranteed maximum efficiency. The well-engineered, globally proven solutions from merlin® usually pay off within the first year, because scrap, claims, sick leave, and energy costs are all reduced, while productivity increases.

All merlin® humidification systems are designed to be integrated into existing climate systems as well as to be implemented as standalone solutions.