Automatic turntable

Pieri EASY ROUND wenig rand

Turntable wrapping machines: EASY ROUND

The turntable wrapping machine EASY ROUND has been designed in order to offer to the customer a compact and economical solution for the end-of-the-line. EASY ROUND offers important technical details designed to optimize the wrapping.

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PIERI represents in Europe one of the most renowned companies in the design and production of wrapping machines and conveying systems for palletized loads.

Founded in 1973 by Sauro Pieri, company was created to meet the primary need of logistics to protect goods from damage during the handling on pallets and the freight transport. Technical evolution of PIERI machines started from manual pallet wrapping machines, then semi-automatic up to the present fully automatic systems, in the rotating table, arm and ring version, and to the integrated turnkey installations.