EasyChain - Conveying

Rolling rather than sliding – that is the philosophy of Denipro AG. With the easychain® conveyor system, the Denipro innovation has now been raised to a new level. The material used for the castors, which in easychain® take over the function previously performed by the sliding elements, has been continuously optimised over a two year period to reach its present level of perfection. The rollers are particularly effective in reducing energy consumption, as well as lowering friction and so keeping wear and tear to a minimum.

Denipro Easychain Fördern Bild 1
Denipro Easychain Fördern Bild 2
Denipro Easychain Fördern Bild 3

Spiral Conveyor

easychain® — the name is appropriate. With its notable simplicity, the flexible conveyor system is ideally suited for complex and multidimensional layouts. The black and yellow plates come in different widths (120/180/240 mm), while the smallest radius for an arc or spiral comes to 600 mm. Modular and with plug-in connections, easychain® can be set up or modified in next to no time. The chain can be either pushed or pulled. Load balancing is automatic, so the tension of the chain is self-regulating. As a result, the system needs hardly any maintenance. The patented traction drive can be positioned in any way that is required. Less output is therefore needed, which means a lasting improvement of the ecobalance.