Automatic arm

Pieri SILVER AGILE ohne weisser Rand


The range of the rotary arm wrapper is characterized by several models able to meet different customer‘s output requirement. The arm rotation is obtained by a pinion-toothed thrust bearing system frequency controlled.
The entry model SILVER AGILE offers an interesting capacity up 40 pallet per hour together with great versatility. SILVER GO has been designed for applications of medium speed wrapping up to 60 p/h, relying on a solid steel structural frame. SILVER FAST is the wrapper model created for high speed output up to 80 p/h.

Available on request the double motor pre-stretch carriage PE-Duo allows adjustable pre-stretch percentages up to 500% easily from control panel also during each wrapping operation.

The rotary arm wrapper range is available also with top sheet dispenser for dust/splash covering.


Double arm wrapping machines SILVER TWIN

Expression of Pieri’s high speed productivity, SILVER TWIN, is able to reach excellent performance (up to 140 p/h) maintaining a steady and balanced structure. Its design concept of wrapping is performed on a static pallet with double head pre-stretch system and double clamp cut & seal device. Pre-stretching film drastically reduces the cost of consumables with significant costs saving.

The welder never comes into contact with the product, since it acts against a hidden contrast bar. This system ensures a perfect seal even with irregular loads.

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PIERI represents in Europe one of the most renowned companies in the design and production of wrapping machines and conveying systems for palletized loads.

Founded in 1973 by Sauro Pieri, company was created to meet the primary need of logistics to protect goods from damage during the handling on pallets and the freight transport. Technical evolution of PIERI machines started from manual pallet wrapping machines, then semi-automatic up to the present fully automatic systems, in the rotating table, arm and ring version, and to the integrated turnkey installations.