Spider Palletizing robots

The Spider gantry robot is used to stack or unstack boxes, crates, buckets, bags and a wide range of other goods. The Spider is very robust and is built using a series of high quality standard components. Its design means it can be supplied in either a standard size or customised to suit the specific operational needs and space constraints of your project. For all your palletising or de-palletising applications, the Spider offers a cost-effective, compact and user-friendly solution.

The Spider has a small footprint, is rapid installation and has an easy-to-use central control system that enables product changeovers to be carried out in the shortest possible time.
The Spider can be used to stack products from either a single line or multiple lines simultaneously onto individual pallets. Several bridges can operate in the same gantry frame. The Spider is always part of a total automation project; with the product supply and discharge conveyors, pallet supply and discharge conveyors, pallet packaging and other peripherals all being centrally managed.