Full wrap


Designed for demanding industrial applications. Especially in heavy duty applications, the manual/semi-automatic and automatic L-sealers demonstrate their quality. A wide range of goods are packed in film, quickly and economically. For semi-automatic systems, the proven pulse sealing technology with Teflon coated sealing, and the continuous heating system for automatic systems, ensure effective and absolutely inodorous operation.

Side sealer

The packaging technology of fully automatic side sealers is characterized by its wide range of applications and high flexibility. The solid construction with welded steel frame ensures a quiet, vibration-free packaging process. Selected premium components ensure a high degree of availability for the route-controlled, compressed-air free packaging machines.

2-side sealer

The principle of fully automatic 2-side sealers is based on the use of two rolls of flat film, which is used to create distortion-free, shapely and tight-fitting plastic bags. When using this packaging technology, in some cases the shrink process can be omitted completely. This packaging principle provides effective and efficient shipping and returs management not only in the shipping and logistics industry, but in many other industries as well.