Orderpicking by vision

Picking with smart glasses! It works. It’s live.

What was once just a vision is now reality. Thanks to Picavi, vision picking has arrived in intralogistics. By keeping workers’ hands free and ensuring both reliable visual process guidance and improved routes, this time-saving solution using smart glasses ensures smooth material flow – from goods receipt and picking to dispatch and inventory.

The warehouse employee wears a pair of mobile WLAN-enabled smart glasses with an integrated display. This display shows only the currently relevant information depending on the context, guiding the employee precisely through the work process. The type and quantity of goods are displayed for the current pick. The glasses feature an integrated barcode scanner that recognizes the correct storage location.

The system checks and corrects in real time and after every process step. The picker has both hands free to work: one look, one pick, done. Optimized routes allow the picker to move quickly from one pick to the next, saving both time and unnecessary distance. Picavi ensures strict and precise process guidance in the warehouse, with high pick accuracy at a constantly high pick rate.

Picavi keyvisual

By keeping workers hands free and visually guiding them through the picking process, the system lets you increase productivity and guarantee accuracy.

Picavi is an official partner of all leading smart glasses manufacturers, such as Google and Vuzix. As an independent provider, we can provide maximum security for the future. Thanks to those cooperation and delivery agreements with leading manufacturers, we can offer a wide selection of high-performance and ergonomic models.

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Google glass assisted order picking systems for the fastest, safest and easiest order picks.